Thank you for being interested and reading the Bailey Alice Story.

The idea of Bailey Alice Organic Hair Care for Children was imagined after my grand baby, Bailey Alice was born.  After approximately 3 months of her arrival, her mother started noticing issues she was having with her skin and her scalp.  She had a little Cradle Cap which wasn’t bad and eventually went away.  However, little bumps and a rash started forming on her face and arms.  I knew right away she was having an allergic reaction to probably the fragrance or some type of ingredients, the oils, lotions, shampoo and laundry detergent being used even though the products all stated dermatologist recommended. 

I have extremely sensitive skin.  I am allergic to fragrance and can not use scented bath and body care  soaps, gels, detergent and hair products.  I can tell right away if my cloths have been washed with detergent that contains chemicals or fragrance.  I can tell if my linen has been washed in a detergent not suitable for my skin.  When they started making clear detergent without the normal fragrance and chemicals, that was the best thing they could have done for me.  Growing up, I was always itching and scratching.  Thank goodness, things have changed and more people are aware that some people and children can not tolerate the smell good fragrances and chemicals used to make their products stand out.  They finally get it, those ingredients can irritate the skin.

My daughter has a mild case of Eczema that was diagnosed when she was an infant.  I knew what to do with her because I had learned how to manage my sensitive skin.  Thank goodness, my daughters’ skin is not as sensitive as my skin.  She can use the smell good bath gels and put fragrance anywhere on her body.  She can use regular laundry detergent without being irritated. I am not that fortunate.  I have tried so many times, but my skin can’t tolerate it.  I have an allergic reaction immediately.  I start itching right away.

During one of my granddaughters Doctor visits, she was diagnosed with Eczema.  But not only that, she also has sensitive skin like me, her grandmother.  Because of my granddaughter’s eczema and sensitive skin and learning the degree of her non tolerance for scents on her skin, my daughter began the search for unscented and fragrance-free baby products.  We soon realized there aren’t that many fragrance-free and unscented products for babies, especially hair care and body care products that are better suited for African American children.  Because of this, I started remembering how I itched and scratched my way through childhood because everything had fragrance and chemicals in them.  I didn’t want my granddaughter to grow up with these irritations, so I started thinking how wonderful it would be if I could somehow create fragrance free products for her.  Using ingredients that will better suit her beautiful brown skin, scalp and hair. That idea of course started snowballing and the vision grew.  I had already created the Melanin Luster Hair Care brand that only contains organic and natural ingredients to grow my hair back due to me using products that were not beneficial to my skin and hair type.  I had laid the foundation; I also wanted to do something special for my granddaughter, anyway.  Something that would last and benefit her for a life time.  I thought, how cool it would be to create a fragrance free hair care line and a fragrance free bath and body line for my granddaughter and children like my granddaughter.  The knowledge I have gained creating Melanin Luster was very instrumental in developing the special organic and natural products for African American children.  Of course, the line would use organic and natural ingredients that are rich in hydrating and moisturizing the scalp, skin and hair.  My journey began.  

What would I call it?  It would have to be relatable to parents and children.  After coming up with a few names, we really didn’t like that much.  The names did not have true and personal meanings to them.  The name needed to have a personal attachment and a special meaning in order for the brand to be authentic and for it to be successful.  One day, it came to me.  Why not use my granddaughters name and call the line Bailey Alice.  It has a nice ring to it.  My daughter liked it also and she agreed for me to name the brand Bailey Alice Organic Hair Care for Children.  Right away, my first and only thought was an organic fragrance free and unscented line.  Newborns and toddlers do not need to have fragrance and chemicals in their products.  I also knew the type of and amount of ingredients would need to be different and gentle.  Children's scalp, skin and hair is way too delicate for strong ingredients.  Then, one day I thought about older children who are not allergic to fragrance and scents.  How could I incorporate products for these children.  Parents and their children would love to have children products made just for them with scents children can relate too.  I decided to have a fragrance free line for newborns and toddlers and for children with sensitive skin and Eczema.  I created the Bailey Alice Organic Hair Care for Children - Fragrance Free line.  I created the Bailey Alice Organic Hair Care for Children - Bubble Gum Yum Scent for older children and children who are not allergic to fragrance.  The Bubble Gum Yum line smells just like bubble gum.

We spent a lot of time researching ingredients, blending ingredients and testing each ingredient to formulate the final products for children.  You will find that our children's line will not include many of the ingredients used in adult products.  You will also find that we are using quality gentle organic and natural ingredients that are more suitable for a child's scalp, skin and hair. 

One day it dawned on me that all children could benefit from our children's line because of the organic and natural ingredients we use and because the formulations are milder and gentle products specially made for children.  Organic and natural ingredients are much better for all children than the adult products. Both of our children's lines can be used on newborns all the way up to later teenage years without sacrificing hydrating and moisturizing ingredients needed for African-American hair. Other racial and ethnic groups are realizing that organic and natural ingredients benefit their skin, scalp and hair.  I have Caucasian customers that use our Melanin Luster products.  They love what it is doing for their hair.  Usually, products cater to Caucasian straight hair types because the owners that create those products are mainly Caucasian. When you are creating a product you cater to what you know and what your experience is.  Bailey Alice products are formulated for African-American hair. But, we are inviting and encouraging other hair types to try our products because we believe the organic and natural products can be beneficial for all hair types with some minor adjustments.  This is our experience so far.

Adult products are stronger and more suitable for older teenagers, if their hair requires stronger products.  Especially, if they swim and play sports.  Check out our Melanin Luster products that are made for adults and people who may require stronger products for various reasons.  

Thanks for reading,
Gre-Fonda Hardy, Founder and Owner